Local 445 Apprenticeship

APPprenticeship Information

The Apprenticeship and Training Programs for Local 445 are handled by the Lebanon Training Center.  Mike Sweitzer is the Lebanon Training Center Coordinator.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the Apprenticeship Program click the link  https://www.kmltf.org/frequently-asked-questions-about-the-apprenticeship-program/

TO APPLY click https://kmltf.org/application-for-apprenticeship/ and REFER to the MAP to ENSURE YOU APPLY TO THE CORRECT APPRENTICE TRAINING CENTER. 


All other inquiries regarding the Apprenticeship and Training Program should be directed to Mike Sweitzer, Lebanon Training Center Coordinator.

Lebanon Training Center
1718 Heilmandale Road – Suite 300
Lebanon, PA 17046
Phone: (717) 273-5277
Toll free: 1-888-346-8880
Fax: (717) 273-2484

Training Coordinator Mike Sweitzer – msweitzer@kmltf.org

Instructors: Randall Holdren, Kent Hinkle, Kaitlin Parson & Glen Arthur

Link to Lebanon Training Center website:

Apprentice Employment Record

If you are currently an apprentice and need to complete your Employment Record please contact the Lebanon Training Center for assistance.